Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry

Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry

Kopolow & Girisgen's Obstacles

  • Manual patient intake, registration, and medical history cost valuable time for patients, providers, and administrators

  • Needed to optimize patient scheduling to accommodate potential walk-ins

  • Needed to minimize in-office contact during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Needed to customize patient forms to include COVID-19 assessments

Yosi Health's Solutions

  • Fully automated the patient intake, registration, and medical history process while integrating fully with their existing EMR system

  • Saved practice an average of 15 minutes per patient, allowing providers to better accommodate walk-ins

  • Enabled Kopolow & Girisgen to go entirely paperless across all 19 offices

  • Saved roughly $3,200 per month in printed materials alone

The bottom line is what Yosi has allowed us to do: We're able to take better care of the patient. We have more time to give to them. Overall, Yosi has helped us to provide a better patient experience across all of our practices.

Chris Moran
Kopolow & Girisgen, Director of Business Development

What Kopolow & Girisgen Has to Say

Yosi Health Solutions

Fully Customizable Mobile Patient Intake & Registration​

  • Custom patient intake forms for every appointment type, patient category, scheduling provider, and specialty practice

  • Electronic signature functionality allows patients to easily sign off on all consent forms, privacy notices, and disclosures

  • Secure OCR card scan gives patients the ability to quickly upload or update their personal information from their ID and insurance cards

  • Best-in-class iPad solution for waiting rooms offers a premier in-office patient intake and registration system

Real-Time Patient Self-Scheduling & Reminders

  • User-friendly self-scheduling tool allows patients to find available appointments in real time and book them from their mobile device

  • Dynamic appointment reminders can be customized based on patient demographics and behavior to prevent cancellations or no-shows

  • Appointment confirmations via text or email help reduce phone calls, minimize manual appointment coordination, and keep patients engaged

Quick, Easy Patient Payment & Billing System

  • Easy-to-use patient payment interface gives providers the ability to collect co-pays and other fees before or during patient visits

  • Flexible payment plans allow providers to accommodate patient budgets while continuing care and managing a regular payment schedule

  • Credit card of file agreements are easily collected, saved, and stored directly within the Yosi Health platform

  • PCI-compliant solutions guarantee the highest level of security for both patients and providers

  • User-friendly patient surveys allow providers to easily follow up with patients post-appointment to gather feedback

  • Social media management gives providers the ability to gather patient reviews across their social platforms to enhance their reputation and broaden their reach

  • Comprehensive reputation management tools allow providers to collect star ratings, comments, responses, and other patient feedback and reviews to improve their practice

Patient Feedback, Survey & Review Collection & Management


Patients Seen Monthly


Offices Under Their Practice


Minutes Saved Per Patient


Saved in Printed Materials Per Month



When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Kopolow & Girisgen realized that the need to go paperless across all 19 of their offices was more pressing than ever. With Yosi Health, they were able to automate their patient forms and protect both their providers and their patients.


"Because of COVID, we're now paperless—and patients understand that. We need to minimize the interaction time that we have with them and that they have with us. The more they do prior to coming in, the less chance we all have of being exposed."



Kopolow & Girisgen asked Yosi if they were able to digitize their medical history records. Our ability to create custom intake forms—all fully integrated with their EMR system—was easily translated to medical history.


"That was a huge timesaver for us," Moran says. "The form is filled out, Yosi provides the form with all of their medical history information, so we just pull that form up side by side to the patient's chart in the EMR....and their whole history is done prior to coming in."



For Moran, the biggest benefit of working with Yosi has been the amount of time saved throughout the day.


"Yosi has allowed us to change the way we schedule. It's allowed us to see more patients because we're able to schedule differently.


"That's the best part for me," he says. "How many patients show up at 9 o'clock for their 9 o'clock appointment and then it takes them 15 minutes to do their paperwork? With Yosi, we don't need to worry if they show up at 9 o'clock because it still saved time on the back end with everything being uploaded to Revolution."



Many patients assume they have the same insurance information year after year but don't realize that their plan has changed until it's too late.


"If a patient comes into the office and gives us the wrong information we have to take time to send it to billing. They have to verify it, go online, and call the insurance company. That eliminates all of that time we would've spent because we have their insurance card prior to coming in."

EMR Integration Feature

Yosi Health offers a fully integrated patient intake and registration solution for RevolutionEHR, the leading cloud-based EHR and Practice Management software for Optometry.


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