Introducing Yosi Health - A New Henry Schein Solution Partner
A New Henry Schein Solution

What is Yosi Health?

Yosi Health is a pre-arrival, remote patient intake and registration system. It eliminates patient wait time and clipboards, pens, kiosks and tablets. Think of the airline check-in process – that's what Yosi does for healthcare

Why is this critical now?

Yosi Health promotes social distancing by allowing your patients to complete registration at home so you staff do not have to handle insurance cards, credit cards, clipboards and pens. Additionally, Yosi eliminates the wait time for patients thereby reducing the risk of exposure for both patients and staff. Yosi is creating virtual waiting across the country.

Benefits of Yosi Health

Yosi generates $45k per provider in Return on Investment (ROI) by:

70% reduction in phone calls

45% reduction in no-shows

95% paperless office

50% pre-arrival registration

15% increase in collection rate

5% reduction in claims denial

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