Why Leading Healthcare Providers Choose Yosi Health

Improving Patient Experience with Virtual Waiting Room Solutions

Yosi Health’s mobile patient intake, registration, and engagement solution platform empowers healthcare providers. Here’s how Yosi Health can help you improve administrative efficiency, increase medical practice revenue, and maximize patient satisfaction.


Document and e-Consent Management

Get all your care center forms e-signed and filed by Yosi. Continue to use your forms. Yosi provides pre-filled and signed copies of your OWN forms. Pain Diagrams included.

Intake for every Specialty

We build highly customizable and adaptable workflow solutions for all specialties including: OBGYN, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Urology, Primary care etc

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Great Patient Experience

Your patients want more from your practice. Offer them a great end-to-end experience with Yosi. Unlike other solutions, Yosi does not display ads or sell your patient data.

Best in Class iPad Solution

Yosi complements our pre-arrival solution with the best in class on-site system available on iPads. There is NO better replacement for your clipboards in the market


Seamless EMR Integration

Get patient's demographics and clinical data updated into their patient chart discreetly in real-time eliminating transcription from forms.

Increase Practice Revenue & Cut Costs 

Fully customize Yosi to meet your care center needs. Our intake includes a full range of questions including Review of Symptoms (ROS), past medical history, family history, screeners, assessments etc

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Healthcare providers that use Yosi Health report a 20% increase in collection rates for their practice. Plus, by digitizing patient intake and registration forms and integrating them with your ERM system, you can cut costs on printed paperwork and save significant time spent on manual administrative tasks.

Increase Practice Revenue & Cut Costs 

Offer Patients a State-of-the-Art Digital Experience

Give patients the freedom to complete all necessary paperwork from the convenience and safety of their home. Engage patients before, during, and after their visit via the Yosi Health platform to easily collect payments and gather patient feedback.

Improve Your Medical Practice’s Reputation

The Yosi Health platform allows patients to share their experience with you from their mobile device to help you continually improve the quality of your services. Plus, patients can easily share reviews, ratings, and other feedback with all of your online platforms—including your social media profiles.

100% Customizable Patient Intake Forms

Yosi Health offers fully customizable patient registration forms to fit your care center’s needs. Our dynamic platform is designed to fit your healthcare practice and EMR software. Unlike other digital patient intake systems, the Yosi Health team works with your practice to fully customize your registration forms to fit your existing medical record system.

Reviews from Yosi Health Users

Explore the Yosi Health Platform Today

Switching to Yosi has been one of the best decisions I have made for my practice. It has been a game changer! No longer are patients taking 20min to fill out paper work in my waiting room, then running me behind 20min from the get-go. Since we have implemented Yosi, the average time for my patients from walking in the door of the office to me walking in to see them is 6 minutes!!! My patients are loving this and as we all know, happy patients make a healthy practice! And the cherry on top of the great product and great service...I am saving $1200 yearly from the registration platform I used previously. It sounded too good to be true when I first looked at Yosi, but so far, they have completely exceeded my expectations.

Dr. April Tillery


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