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Allergy & Asthma Care of New York

Allergy & Asthma Care of New York's Obstacles

  • Lacked an efficient automated appointment reminder system, relied on administrative team to schedule manual phone reminders

  • Lacked effective organizational system for printed patient registration forms, needed digitized system to track and record patient forms

  • Wanted to minimize no-show rates to prevent missed appointment times

  • Needed to prevent waiting room crowding during COVID-19

  • Wanted to focus on personal patient care over paperwork and coordination

Yosi Health's Solutions

  • Fully automated the patient intake and registration process

  • Eliminated need for manual phone call reminders to patients

  • Provided digitized versions of all patient records to improve record-keeping and tracking system

  • Saved significant time on patient management to reallocate time back to patient care

What Allergy & Asthma Care of New York Has to Say

After only a month using Yosi, our no-show rate decreased 75% and our confirmation rate is up to over 60%. We went from having 10 no-shows a week to 0 to 2. It is saving us thousands of dollars a day.

Dr. Clifford Bassett
Founder & Medical Director

Yosi Health Solutions

Fully Customizable Mobile Patient Intake & Registration​

  • Custom patient intake forms for every appointment type, patient category, scheduling provider, and specialty practice

  • Electronic signature functionality allows patients to easily sign off on all consent forms, privacy notices, and disclosures

  • Secure OCR card scan gives patients the ability to quickly upload or update their personal information from their ID and insurance cards

  • Best-in-class iPad solution for waiting rooms offers a premier in-office patient intake and registration system

Real-Time Patient Self-Scheduling & Reminders

  • User-friendly self-scheduling tool allows patients to find available appointments in real time and book them from their mobile device

  • Dynamic appointment reminders can be customized based on patient demographics and behavior to prevent cancellations or no-shows

  • Appointment confirmations via text or email help reduce phone calls, minimize manual appointment coordination, and keep patients engaged

Quick, Easy Patient Payment & Billing System

  • Easy-to-use patient payment interface gives providers the ability to collect co-pays and other fees before or during patient visits

  • Flexible payment plans allow providers to accommodate patient budgets while continuing care and managing a regular payment schedule

  • Credit card of file agreements are easily collected, saved, and stored directly within the Yosi Health platform

  • PCI-compliant solutions guarantee the highest level of security for both patients and providers


Decrease in
No-Show Rate


Appointment Confirmation Rate


Thousands in Savings per Day



Dr. Bassett has worked hard to establish a reputation for excellence at the Allergy & Asthma Care of New York. Their practice has always emphasized the need for a more personal approach to patient care—and Yosi has allowed them to provide their patients with an even higher level of service.


"It's about bringing humanism back to medicine, treating everyone respectfully, going the extra mile across the board," Dr. Bassett says. "Yosi has allowed us to be more efficient with our patients' time so we can minimize the impact on their schedule while providing the highest quality care."


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